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Faculty and Staff of Marclay

Principal Mrs. Tracy Holesapple (tracy.holesapple@uasdraiders.org)
Secretary Mrs. Jennifer Funk (jennifer.funk@uasdraiders.org)
Guidance Counselor Mrs. Colleen DeBarry (colleen.deberry@uasdraiders.org)
Nurse Mrs. M.J. Krjacic
Security Ms. Patricia Hull



Kindergarten Mrs. Donna Leasure (donna.leasure@uasdraiders.org)
Grade 1 Mrs. Tamara Mitchell (tamara.mitchell@uasdraiders.org)
Grade 2 Ms. Nicole Anderson (nicole.anderson@uasdraiders.org)
Grade 3

Mrs. Cheryl Martin (cheryl.martin@uasdraiders.org)


Grade 4

Mrs. Tiffany Hostetler (tiffany.hostetler@uasdraiders.org)

Grade 5 Mr. Jeremey Leasure (jeremy.leasure@uasdraiders.org)
Special Education Mrs. Deborah Garrett (deborah.garrett@uasdraiders.org)
Special Services
Art Ms. Lara Dowling (lara.dowling@uasdraiders.org)
Computer, ILS Mrs. Pam Kashery (pamela.kashery@uasdraiders.org)
Library Mrs. Victoria Thomas
Music Mr. Joel Hudock (joel.hudock@uasdraiders.org)
Physical Education Mr. William Dice (william.dice@uasdraiders.org)
Literacy Mrs. Bonnita Nesser (bonita.nesser@uasdraiders.org)


Social Services

Social Worker  


Custodial Staff

Mr . Richard Baughman
Mr. Suchevits


Cafeteria Staff

Mrs. Terri Dennis
Mrs. Linda King


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