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Marclay Pledge

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Marclay Elementary School Three-Way Education Pledge

*A Partnership* Teachers, Parents and Students must all work together to motivate, challenge, and inspire one another to become the best we can be.



Teacher: I understand the importance of the school experience to every student and of my role as a teacher and model. Therefore, I agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability: 1. Provide a safe, caring learning environment where children will be able to be responsible for their own behavior and learning. 2. Provide learning activities that promote creativity and a desire to learn. 3. Follow homework guidelines to the best of ability. 4. Take into account individual strengths and weaknesses to develop one’s best self. 5. Encourage and help children to follow school and classroom rules. 6. Assign and monitor the completion of homework. 7. Provide information to parents to better assist their children. 8. Schedule conferences to accommodate parents’ schedules whenever possible. 9. Keep parents informed of expectations and progress of their children on a regular basis.


Student: I know that I am responsible for my own behavior and I must work hard to be successful. I have reviewed the Three-Way Pledge with my parents and I agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability: 1. Come to school regularly; be on time, and prepared to learn. 2. Be responsible for my own actions; obey school, bus, and classroom rules. 3. Complete class work and homework on time. 4. Be aware of and follow the homework guidelines. 5. Ask for and accept help when needed. 6. Respect others and myself by caring, sharing, and being polite to school personnel and my classmates. 7. Take corrected work and school messages home. 8. Be responsible for my own agenda; take it to each class, write down assignments, and take it home regularly.


Parent/ Caregiver: I realize that my child’s school years are very important. I understand that my participation in my child’s education will help him/her attitude and achievement. I have reviewed the Three-Way Pledge with my child and I agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability: 1. Make sure my child attends school regularly and has adequate nourishment and rest. 2. Review classroom assignments and be aware of what my child is learning. 3. Encourage my child and support the school in discipline and conflict resolution efforts. 4. Review all school communications and respond promptly. 5. Be aware of the homework guidelines. 6. Make every effort to attend school functions and to be an active, contributing partner with the school.



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